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This page was updated on September 22, 2013
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Dakota is approximately five years old, male, up to date on shots and neutered. He is a mix of shepherd, malamute, husky, and likely other breeds. He was surrendered to my vet after they contacted me for advice as he has the appearance of being a wolfdog. Despite wolfish good looks, his behavior and conformation speak strongly to the northern breeds mention. I agreed to foster him if the owner agreed to surrender him. He was brought in to be boarded and it was apparent he was considerably underweight, in declining health, and was infected with four different intestinal worms. The vet thought it would be in Dakota’s best interest to be out of that situation. His owner willingly gave up ownership and mentioned that they did not have a place to live and he and Dakota were living in motel rooms where Dakota spent most of his time crated. Afterward he came home and began his convalescence.

Later in the in the year, it became obvious Dakota had difficulty urinating. After a partial course of antibiotics did not show any improvement, and his condition continued to worsen, he was taken to an emergency clinic to receive treatment. He was diagnosed with bladder stones, one of which lodged in his urethra blocking his ability to urinate. The course of treatment meant reassigning the urethral opening to behind the ospenis and before the blockage. The procedure was a success. The pathology of the bladder stones indicated that they were a result of a long term chronic untreated urinary tract infection at some point in the past, thus no changes in diet or ongoing medical treatment were necessary after his recovery.

Dakota is a people person. He wants nothing more than to be someone’s buddy. He gets along with other female dogs about his size. He may get along with other males, but it would need to be determined by a case by case introduction. He is mostly house trained, but occasionally forgets and marks. He is crate trained, and does ok on a leash. He loves walks and being the center of attention. He suffers some separation anxiety and becomes destructive if left inside unsupervised. He needs a secure outdoor pen at least 6 foot high for alone time. He typically does not climb or try to dig out of a pen, though one time shortly after his arrival he did manage to scale over a six foot high dog pen in a moment of excitement. He has not been observed around children or other small animals or dogs.

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