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Updated June 04, 2009
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Dear Peggy and Steve,

Well, it has been almost 2 weeks since I moved to Lubbock, Texas, and boy am I the new spoiled pooch around this house. I think I just might like it here. At first Pepper, my stepsister who is a one-year old German Shepherd mix, was not very sure about me. All I wanted to do was play with her, but she kept hiding. Well, after about 3 days of running around in the backyard together, she finally loosened up. In fact, she now chases me. It's a blast. I am having a lot of fun. My new owners adore me. They lay on the floor with me. They scratch my belly quite a bit. Ooooh, I love that!!! The best part about this place is I get to share the king-size bed with them. Sometimes it gets a little hot up there so I retreat back down to the floor. Oh, they bought me all kinds of toys. I have already ripped several of them so they switched me over to a fetch size basketball and lots of chewing toys. I never get bored. This is the life.

On my second day here, Erica tossed me in the bathtub. She said something about a bath. Yikes, I did not like the water all that much at first. I got my first flea and tick bath. You should see my shiny coat now. I am really good lookin'! No, really, I am. I took a ride in the truck to the vet on the 13th of March. He checked me out. Erica was a little concerned about my bottom, front teeth. The vet told her not to worry about them. She also talked to him about how she could put some meat back on my bones. The vet told her to get me some puppy food. Yee-Haw!!! I am already starting to put on some pounds from eating my special Science Diet Prescription Puppy Food, and I have so much more energy. I guess it's all those vitamins. I got my first heart worm tablet and a Front Line application already too. Can't be too careful say.

My other owner, Kurt, was real happy to get me. He pets me all the time. I love to lick his face in the mornings and wake him up. I think that he and I are going to have a very special relationship. He says I am a man's dog, a very loyal companion. Plus having another male in the house means that there is now more testosterone in the family. Boys rule now. Erica just says, "Whatever!" Kurt and Erica have a four year old son. His name is Austin. He thinks that I am the best thing since sliced bread. When he was asked what he thinks about his new dog, he replied "I love him. He's great!" We play together outside and he even scratches my belly when I am inside. We're becoming good friends. Oh, by the way, I have a new name now. Kurt really liked the name Caesar, so that is what I respond to. Erica is already teaching me tricks and commands. I sit down on command and I am learning to lay down on command. I almost have the lay down thing down pat. Next, I am going to learn to roll over. Anyway, thank you for finding me a nice home. Like I said earlier I think that I am really going to like it here.

Love, Caesar (formerly Alpine)

Peggy and Steve-Just wanted to say thank you again for allowing us to adopt Caesar. He is such a lovable Husky. I am very surprised at how gentle he is, especially when he plays with Austin and Pepper. He has actually helped already by calming Pepper down for us. She has quite a bit of puppy in her still. However, she is now starting to act more like a dog. It could just be age; however, I personally think that Caesar has had a very positive impact on her. Everybody who comes to the house just falls all over him. He is just a gorgeous pup.

Thanks again, Kurt and Erica Palm

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