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Updated June 04, 2009
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Holly (formerly known as Gillian, then briefly as Chile dog mostly because it sounded like Gillian, and now Holly Husky because it just seemed right after getting to know her) joined our family in October of 2001. We already had a husky, Wookie (formerly Skyler), who we adopted from a husky rescue a year before in Modesto, CA and wanted a friend for him as well as a more companionable husky for ourselves. Wookie is a wonderful affectionate little guy but can also be very aloof and likes to spend long periods of time sleeping in quiet places. Holly is a happy, playful little velcro doggie who follows us around everywhere and even manages to charm Wookie into playing with her sometimes. They sing beautiful harmonies, especially when they are trying to coax us to go for a walk or serve dinner a little faster than we are doing. They love their walks together, they walk along side by side sticking their noses into all the same places at the same time. We live close to the Chisolm trail and Custer Creek so there are a lot of interesting places for doggie noses. Wookie still has some jealousy issues around the house but this is getting a little better all the time. Holly was very shy when she first came here, this is much better now. Wookie loves to go up to strangers, especially kids, on our walks and give them a little lick in exchange for some serious attention. Holly used to hide behind us when he did this, but now she joins him and lets herself be cuddled a bit too. She is still terrified of thunderstorms and gets nervous in unfamiliar situations, but this also is getting better all the time. We had postponed taking them to obedience classes until Holly felt a little more secure, they are both very good on the leash and are great with 'sit' and 'down', especially when there are treats involved, but need a little help with 'come' and 'stay' and some more advanced training. We think that time has come now and are planning to look into some classes next weekend. Maybe one day you will see Holly at an agility competition, we think she will be a natural at this after she gets some more confidence and training. She loves to run around the yard in circles and then dive through the doggie door, which I would have thought was impossible at that speed till I saw it. Then she races around the house a few times and rockets back out through this little hole in the door again. Sometimes she even manages to get Wookie to run around with her for a little while till he remembers how undignified this is and starts ignoring her again.

Thanks to all of you for giving us this wonderful addition to our family, and for all the good things you do. Special thanks to Holly's foster mom Trish, and to Peggy, Jody and Robert for all your help.

Rose & Bob Press

Wookie and Holly

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