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Updated June 04, 2009
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We adopted Sasha (formerly known as Shay) on January 20, 2002 and decided it was time for an update on how everything is going. Sasha is a great little girl! We decided to adopt another dog to keep Ivan, our first Siberian, from getting too spoiled and to have a friend to hang out with while my husband and I are at work. They are great together and even though he is so much bigger then her, she’s definitely the boss! He tries to test her occasionally put she puts him in his place. He gave up his precious dog bed to her and sleeps on the floor next to it to protect her.

Sasha healed very quickly after coming here. The sore on her foot was diagnosed as being obsessive/compulsive trait on her part. She no longer licks at her feet and the sore healed up on its own. Her coat has filled in beautifully and she’s put on a few pounds to help her fill out. Sasha responds to her name and listens very well. She can sit on a visual command and has a very cute habit of licking her lips when the treat jar comes out. She loves to nap laying on her back with her feet in the air. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of her "swimming" with big brother Ivan as the lifeguard and hanging out with Ivan in the kitchen in case I decide to cook (she likes to help).

Thanks for letting us adopt her! She’s the perfect addition to our family.

Lori, Garland, Ivan and Sasha Brewster

Ivan and Sasha

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