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Updated June 05, 2009
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This is Nanook. She is a 5-year-old red and white female. She adopted me in December of 2000! She loves to eat, sleep, play, eat and sleep. She has a very friendly and happy demeanor. She has always welcomed new people and other dogs with a big smile. She goes bonkers when the doorbell rings. (I shouldn't order so much pizza.) She greets you with an in-your-face "Welcome"! No one is a stranger to Nanook.

Sometimes, if we've been watching too much TV, she lets me know it's time to DO SOMETHING! This usually means playing chase. I stand motionless, staring her directly in the eyes. Then, I SLOWLY start toward her and the game begins. She darts from the living room, around the dining room table, back into the living room and across the couch. She does this two or three times before she stops on the couch to catch her breath. She thinks this is a "safe zone". "You can't get me while I'm on the couch!" I just stand in one place clapping my hands while she does all the work. If we play chase outside in her yard, she knows how to dial 911 for me! And she loves to play with her stuffed toys (if I could just get her to put them back when she's finished!)

I strongly urge anyone who is considering getting a pet to adopt a husky. Adopt a Husky of Dallas, and organizations like it, work relentlessly to find homes for these unfortunate dogs. If you can't adopt, become a foster parent. You'll save a life and you'll see how special huskys are. All they need is a little love and a good vacuum cleaner. What they give back is priceless

Gary Starnes


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