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Updated June 09, 2009
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I found Keeper through your organization in late September, but he had been adopted by a couple in Houston. Shortly after they got him, however, they gave up on him and contacted your group to try to find him a new home. What a mistake they made. After working through Peggy of your group for about a week, arrangements were made for me to pick Keeper up from the previous owners in Houston. We each drove towards a midpoint in Texas, which ended up being Madisonville, about 175 miles south of Dallas. We kept in touch via cell phone and finally met at a truck stop on the highway. When I pulled in to the stop, Keeper was in the back seat of their car, and he looked exactly like his picture you had posted on the Internet. We made the exchange and I headed back to Dallas with Keeper. This was October 12, and he has been with me ever since. He has fit the bill in every respect; he gets along with my cat and my dog, and he is starting to adjust to my routines, as I am to his. I had my backyard fence raised to a 6 foot height because he looks like he could jump a four foot one with ease, though I never saw him try to do that. He and I jog three times a week at White Rock and do a 6+ mile course, though for Keeper it's just a brisk walk. We also go to the dog park there where he gets plenty of exercise running with the pack. I have begun teaching him standard dog tricks, and he is a fast learner.

If there has been any problem at all, it is that he has been slow to show affection, though he is getting better. This may be from the fact that he has not been in a permanent home, like he is now. He would follow me anywhere in the house where I would go, lying on the kitchen floor while I fix meals, by my chair in the living room while I watch TV. Huskies do like to run off, and Keeper is no exception. When the yardmen left the back gate open a few weeks after I got him, I panicked and jumped in my car to go looking. He was gone about 20 minutes and I was about to make my second trip out to look for him when I saw him running in front of my house towards the park next to my property. I stopped the car, opened the back door and called "Keeper, get in here" and he came bounding in the backseat, jumping from about 6 feet out into the car. I guess he had his lark and was ready to go home.

All in all, I am really happy with Keep. I think that over time, he will become more affectionate, intelligent, and home bound, and hopefully, lose some of that desire to wander off, once he realizes this is his permanent home, and he isn't going to be bounced around any more.

Rick Danna


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