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Updated June 09, 2009
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We adopted Milo on January 13, 2002. He made himself right at home. He has become Mommy's shadow. He follows me around wherever I go, especially when I cook. He and my daughter Madolyn stand on either side of me, hoping for a little something. Cheese is their favorite! At dinner, he curls up under my daughters chair and waits for her to drop a little something on the floor. This was great at first since toddlers are messy, but it has come to be a problem now that she has figured out that he gobbles up whatever she throws down and now insists on throwing her food to him. He has had many mini-baths where her aim was off and it landed on him! We found him a racquet ball and this has become his favorite game (that and wrestling with daddy)! It is so funny to see him run with the ball in his mouth, then drop it and kick it, then chase it again.

We love Milo so much. He has truly become one of our kids. I am so glad that he came to live with us. He has become close with Madolyn. At nap, he sets up sentry duty outside her room. As in true husky fashion, he has gotten out a couple of times, but he must love us as much as we love him, because he never goes far! As soon as we call to him, he comes back. I think about all the huskies out there who don't have good homes. Milo is proof that when a husky is loved and cared for, they return that love in spades. When they are spoiled, they spoil you back! Thank you for trusting us with the care of Milo. He is the greatest gift we could have been given!

The Vandermeer Family


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