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Even the smallest effort can make a big difference. We are 501c3 incorporated. Remember to right off all donations on your taxes
Many of the dogs we save come from pounds and suffer from pound shock. They go from a home with a large backyard and to a solitary run in a noisy pound with very little human contact. They often are traumatized by the experience. Sometimes we save abused and injured dogs. The most important thing that anybody can do is provide a home, some affection and some human attention for these dogs. Being a foster home for a rescue dog sometimes involves more than just providing a safe backyard. It involves rehabilitating the dog and showing the dog the kind of love and affection that the animal may have never experienced before. You may have to work with the dog and socialize the dog to other people and other animals in the foster household. It is not easy, but it is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Many times both people and other dogs in the foster household become attached to our foster dogs. Sometimes our own dogs comfort the rescues when they come in and become a part of the rehabilitation process. We often have to turn away dogs simply because we do not have enough places to put them. If you can provide a temporary home you are saving the dog's life and training a wonderful pet for the next owner. It is the most important part of dog rescue.

We require a secure area for the dog with a six foot fence, or if the dog is in an apartment or a townhome, he must be walked regularly. We pay for all veterinary care and supply dog food and a crate if needed. If you can provide a foster home for one of our dogs, e-mail us at
We know there are animal lovers out there that can't help with fostering or adoption due to life styles and circumstances, or owning a pet is just not for you. There are many other ways you can help save these noble animals from a disastrous fate. We are always fighting a lack of funds and supplies.
  • XL - Crates 40Lx27Wx30H
  • Collars (size medium to large) / Leashes
  • Dogfood / Treats / Rawhides / Cow hooves / Chews / Toys
  • Heartworm pills for 50 to 80lb dogs
  • Food dishes/brushes/shampoos / dips
  • Towels / Blankets / Dog beds
  • Gift Certificates for Petsmart or Petco
  • Gift Certificates for Home Depot or Lowes for fencing supplies
  • Donate a vehicle or boat that can be sold for funds
  • Monetary donations of any size are always welcomed and needed severely

We are 501c3 incorporated. Remember to right off all donations on your taxes!

If you have any of the items above you can contact us at and we will arrange for pick up.

Monetary donations and Certificates can be sent to:

Adopt A Husky of Dallas, Inc.
3000 Custer Road.
Suite 270-156
Plano, Texas 75075
Click the Donate Button to the right to save a Siberians life. A Paypal account IS NOT required to make your donation. Paypal will allow you to pay with your credit card or bank account without creating an account.

Donate by Shopping Online -   Shop Now

Shop at over 240 generous stores & maybe save on your taxes., J.Crew, CDNow, JCPenney, Barnes & Noble, Gap, Spiegel, PetSmart, and many more!  These stores donate Adopt A Husky of Dallas up to 25% from every purchase you make. Many of these contributions can be tax deductible for you.

The best part is, it's free!  No "spam." Total member privacy. Since you were going to buy that book or CD or sweater anyway, why not change your online shopping for 'good' and help us save more huskies!  Sign up at and shop today!

  Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program -  

Tom Thumb grocers and Adopt a Husky of Dallas Inc., are partners in the Good Neighbor Program. Tom Thumb will donate a percentage of our members' total grocery purchases back to Adopt a Husky of Dallas Inc.!

Stop by any Tom Thumb store. Fill out a Reward Card application (if you don't have one) and pick up your card. Give a cashier your Reward Card and give the cashier the Adopt a Husky of Dallas Good Neighbor number #10175.
Your Reward Card will be linked with Adopt a Husky of Dallas... That's it!
Each time you shop you will be helping to save a few good huskies from needless death.
 Why we need your help
This is only one example of what Adopt a Husky of Dallas has to face and contend with on a day-to-day basis. The intentional neglect that people place on these animals and ignorance, lack of knowledge is not an acceptable excuse in this age of information.
When we first heard about Makenna we were told of a pregnant bi-eyed husky that was due at any minute. At first sight, Makenna appeared to be very pregnant, either with a lot of babies or she had become pregnant by a very large male. After saving Makenna and another dog we took her straight to the vet to get her and her unborn pups medical attention. We were shocked to hear that the vet believed she wasn't pregnant and with a quick draw of a needle the vet pulled fluid off of her belly. Makenna was carrying about twenty pounds of water in her tummy. Her condition was caused by heartworms. A large percentage of our dogs arrive with heartworm but Makenna's heart was completely infested. An x-ray showed that the worms had pretty much shutdown one side of her heart. And if that wasn't bad enough, fleas and ticks had taken so much blood from her that she had no color in her nails and mouth. Makenna went to 3 different vets before we found one who would try and start her on a very slow and risky heartworm treatment. She was also put on medicine to help her body flush the fluid from her tummy and iron supplements to help get her iron count to an acceptable level.
Makenna is doing much better than when she first came into foster care. All the water in her tummy was making it difficult for her to do normal everyday activities. It was hard for her to lie down, she originally would sleep in a sitting position with her head resting on the couch or coffee table or whatever she could find. She is definitly not out of the woods yet. It will take time to treat her heartworms and the water weight is coming off very slowly. Her fur is still in awful condition, but she is started to blow coat so maybe that will help. Makenna is the sweetest girl and is so appreciative of her new found life. Hopefully she will remain healthy through her treatment and we can continue to put up positive reports on her.

If Makenna's owners had spent 6 dollars a month for heartworm preventative, this helpless husky and hundreds like her would not have to suffer needlessly.  As of August 1st, 2002, Makenna's vet bill has reached $700 dollars and climbing.


To sponsor Makenna or another Husky, we need your help with donations.


$10 will pay for heartworm test or an office visit.
$35 will pay for yearly vaccinations.
$50 will pay for Spaying or Neutering.
$65 will pay for Spay/ Neuter plus vaccinations.
$150 will pay for ONE dog to be treated for heartworms.
Dogs come to us neglected, injured, sick, pregnant, flea/tick infested.... All dogs are vetted and treated for whatever ails them before placement into foster homes for TLC and socialization evaluation. As you can imagine, saving these dogs is an expensive proposition and sometimes the vet bills can be out of sight. At the same time, we try to keep our adoption fees reasonable so that even people of modest means can afford to adopt our dogs. As much as I hate to pass the plate, the hard truth is that all rescue groups have large vet bills and run on money and that saving the lives of these dogs and finding homes for them does not come cheap.In addition to vet bills, there are many other expenses we face. A crate big enough for a Siberian costs $175. Our ad in the "Pet Adoptions" section of the Dallas Morning News costs $40 every 10 days. Even small donations of $5, $10 or $20 can help us pay the bills. If you are unable to foster a dog or adopt a dog, or help unload crates at our dog adoptions, you can still be with our rescue dogs in spirit by making a donation today.

Make out all checks to "Adopt A Husky of Dallas"

They can be sent to:

Adopt A Husky of Dallas, Inc.
3000 Custer Road
Suite 270-156
Plano, Texas 75075


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